11 January, 2004

Mailblocks Debuts New Free Web-Based Email Service at CES; Adds Innovative Features to Premium Services

Jan. 8, 2004--Mailblocks, Inc. today launched a free version of its Web-based email service and announced a host of new features for both its free and premium services, furthering its goal to provide the best consumer email experience possible.
Mailblocks helps consumers manage, protect and consolidate their email. Among the service's signature features are:

-- 100% elimination of spam with no false positives via Challenge/Response 2.0.

-- Consolidation and management of existing Yahoo! Mail, AOL, MSN, Hotmail and POP3 accounts into one universal inbox.

-- Email access from a super-fast, application-like Web interface or through desktop email applications.

-- Largest storage and attachment allowances at best pricing for consumers.

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