28 December, 2005

Blog Plagiarism -OmMalik

This had to happen. Some people simply lift articles from other blogs, make slight changes and post it as their own writing. These blogs ONLY exist because they can make money from Google AdSense. The issue is important enough for Google to step in, and do something.

Even I do it, but I post only excerpts, give full credits and link to the original site, and ya there ain't any google ads on my site.

25 December, 2005

Same Language Subtitling - Google's Philanthropic Efforts

PlanetRead, an organization seeking to improve literacy in India is using an extremely simple concept: same-language subtitling. By adding subtitles to Bollywood films and popular TV shows, people who have low literacy skills are able to get regular reading practice based on songs and shows they know by associating the words on the screen with their meanings. Results have been very positive, and the program will expand across 10 states in India, potentially reaching hundreds of millions of people.

21 December, 2005

Sell CPU Cycles to CPU Share -Om Malik

CPUShare has been founded with the goal of connecting together the computers of the Internet in order to create a general purpose Low Cost and World Wide Supercomputer available to everybody to use in a matter of minutes, controlled by a market for the CPU resources that chooses the price of the CPU resources using the supply and demand law in real time.

The likely buyers of these CPU cycles can quickly build their own grids for a few million dollars. During the 1990s bubble many grid/distributed computing companies raised hundreds of millions of dollars in an attempt to build a processing marketplace. Almost all failed.

The problem here is CPUShare works on linux and there aren't too many Linux desktops out there. And another big big factor is electricity - the cost of power exceeds the cost of the hardware!

10 December, 2005

2005: Year of the Balance of Power -Emergic

This year has been a year that has underscored several...balance of power developments.

In Politics and in Economics, the US dominance has been partially normalized by China and India, both emerging superpowers.

Close to home, in high tech, Google�s absurd rise has stopped Microsoft in its track, posing an alternate power block that challenges many existing assumptions.

In Silicon Valley, Google and Yahoo have even started challenging the power that Venture Capitalists have commanded thus far against entrepreneurs, and by encouraging entrepreneurs to bootstrap their startups, followed by exiting into one of the two (or into one of their competitors).

And one last balance of power example : the dominance of mainstream media has been shredded by the emerging democratic new media publishing trends and their supporting infrastructure that has rapidly matured this year (Blogs, Podcasts, Video-on-Demand, Microcontent, Micropayment, acceptable DRM standards, viable ad-supported business models, etc.).
Now Phirangs can’t Work in Desi BPOs -Economic Times

In a written reply to a query raised in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday, minister of state for information technology, Shakeel Ahmed, said requests from foreign nationals for employment visa for jobs, for which a large number of qualified Indians is available, will not be considered.

He said that only such foreigners who are skilled and qualified professionals and are being engaged or appointed by a company or an industry will be eligible to get an employment visa in the first place. Nearly 2,000 foreigners are working in the domestic ITES sector.

I think this is absurd and a totally irrational decision. Just to garner a couple of votes, these babus are putting entire BPO industry at stake.