05 September, 2004

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Steve Jobs is arguably the shrewdest, most competent and most daring human being the computer industry has ever seen. He is a visionary, a calculated, wise businessman and no matter what people say about him, a great leader.

What surprises me most about him is how he has the ability to make the world stand up and take notice of everything he does and see it in a positive light.

Look at Apple's core principles. They're a company that believes in total domination. "Our Computer, Our OS, Our Network, Our Music Service, Our Music Player and Our Internet". Despite that, he makes hordes of Open Source developers "crazy about Apple", all because the OS-X kernel is open-sourced. This is the same group of people who hate Microsoft because they're a monopoly.

I say and many would argue, had John Scully, Apple's CEO, not been stupid enough to fire Steve Jobs rather than "Fix" him in the 80s, Apple would have been the monopoly today. And don't be surprised, they're on their way to be there again, maybe in a different market, but they're getting there fast and it's all thanks to Steve Jobs' tactics and business acumen...

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