16 October, 2004

Techtree: Resistance Is Futile !:
"It amazes me to see to what extent people are ready to go to in order to protect intellectual property. Especially Americans.

Did you hear the 'We declare war on Intellectual property theft' statement made by the US Attorney General, John Ashcroft? What age does that man think he is living in? This is the civilized world; you can't go 'Declare War' on every conflicting idea you see around you.

The man wants to build specialist units to fight intellectual property crimes in Eastern Europe and Asia. What are they going to do? Put Indian, Korean, Malaysian, Hungarian kids in jail for downloading a Britney Spears MP3?

I may sound prejudiced when I say this, but it seems Americans are going a little mad. As they begin to realize that others have found ways to supersede America's powers with means and ideas they do not approve of, they seem to declare a unilateral war on the idea itself. "

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