27 August, 2005

Rs 1 lakh car taking shape at NID -Rediff

Ahmedabad-based National Institute of Design is designing India's smallest and cheapest four-seater compact car. "This is India's smallest car which will cost around Rs 100,000. It will run on both petrol as well as liquefied petroleum gas and will revolutionise the Indian car market with its unique design and technology," Pradyumna Vyas, principal designer, NID.

Avinash Belgamwar, managing director of Conex AvioAuto, added, "We had given the project to NID for designing a small car as it is a pioneer in design. The company is evaluating the market viability of the car and has plans to hit the market with the new car within two years." The car was designed by two NID students, Abhinav Tiwari and Amit Patankar, who are doing the final diploma project sponsored by Conex AvioAuto.

Talking about NID's focus on new avenues in designing, Dr. Koshy, executive director of NID, said the institute was concentrating on animation, computer game designs, automobiles and jewellery, as these segments needed more experiments with designs.

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