13 October, 2005

New Media Brands -Forbes

Forbes lists the fastest growing brands. This is a FAR more interesting list than the usual Coke and Mc Donalds. It's also indicative of the power of new media .. 7 out of 10 are new media brands!

1. Apple Over 400 million songs have been purchased at the iTunes store.

2. BlackBerry Users average a 53-minute-a-day productivity gain, says Research in Motion.

3. Google World's largest search engine sorts through 8 billion Web pages.

4. Amazon.com New service lets users pay $79 annually for unlimited shipping.

5. Yahoo New online music subscription service gives access to 1 million songs.

6. Ebay 150 million users are registered at the online auction site.

7. Red Bull Sponsors extreme-sports athletes and parties on college campuses.

8. Starbucks Opened four stores a day on average in 2004.

9. Pixar The Incredibles is the bestselling DVD of 2005 to date.

10. Coach Business in Japan now accounts for 22% of company sales.

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