19 February, 2006

People pay for girls, gambling, games & God -Economic Times

Digital divide? What digital divide? The 4Gs of content sell the world over and there is no reason why it should not be the same in India.

There’s no future for radio or TV acting in isolation. Just like there would be no electric bulb and no photography without disruptive thinking, you need disruptive thinking for Broadcasting too. For instance there are already 10,000 podcasts happening around the world today and yet there have been no coordinated efforts by international broadcasters to be part of I-tunes or align themselves with Google and others. People don’t want to interact with radio stations; they want to interact with friends and family using the stations’ material.

While the Indian media, mobile and IT industries are already serving a huge domestic market of citizens and consumers, the 20-million strong Diaspora would play a pivotal role. A huge hunger for Indian content abroad and the rapid spread of technologies like WiMax could see India emerge at the forefront of the next generation of broadcasting. The day is not far when New Media becomes important enough for traditional broadcasters to start putting in money.

When Excite co-founder Joe Krauss talked about serving Millions of Markets of Dozens instead of Dozens of Markets of Millions, people thought he was ahead of his times. But even Krauss would have found it difficult to imagine a Market of One - today most businesses don’t sell to chunks of the market; they sell to individuals whose socio-economic profile they know very closely.

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