09 February, 2005

Microsoft to release more source code? -ZdNet:
Microsoft is considering the release of source code for 'Windows Forms' used to build Windows programs. Windows Forms is a programming model used with Microsoft's Visual Studio tools to build the user interface portion of Windows desktop applications.

The software giant continues to add to the list of products that have a license that allows big companies, government customers, partners or academics to view all or portions of the source code. Its shared source program addresses several products, including the Windows CE operating system for devices and other tools targeted at programmers.

In September, Microsoft made the code for FlexWiki--collaborative Web authoring software--freely available and available under an open-source license. Also in 2004, the company released Windows Installer XML, or WiX, to SourceForge.net, following up a month later with the posting of the Windows Template Library, or WTL, project. All three products were released under the Common Public License (CPL).

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