01 February, 2005

Microsoft search out after 2.5 yrs -ZDNet
Two and a half years in the making, MSN Search will now be the focal point of the updated, lighter-weight site; and it is the subject of Microsoft's newest ad campaign, which includes television, print, Internet and outdoor promotions. 90% of Americans, as well as U.K. and Japanese residents, will encounter the campaign. "They'll be trying to get people to say "I MSN Search'ed it'," said Danny Sullivan, an industry expert, referring to the commonly mentioned practice of "Googling" something or someone.

The change also marks the beginning of a likely end for MSN's relationship with rival Yahoo. Yahoo's Inktomi search technology has powered MSN for more than three years, and its commercial subsidiary Overture Services has provided targeted text ads for several years, too.

MSN will newly make 40,000 articles available free with its search service, in addition to 1.5 million other facts contained in Encarta. It will also play up streaming music, local search called "near me," and a newly added RSS feature that lets third parties syndicate its results. All in all, the project has cost Microsoft well more than $100 million and the company still sees this as only a first step.

2.5 years... googling... search.msn.com ...$100 million.. advertisements....

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