27 January, 2005

Tomorrow’s Search Technologies -Rajesh Jain
Search has become a window to the world wide web of data. Today’s search is simplistic: type a few words in a box, get back zillions of results, and click on one or more of the results to see if we get what we are looking for. Think of today’s search as the DOS era: a good start, but not enough to unleash the real power of what can be. It took a decade to go from DOS to Windows. It has taken us almost as long to start imagining and working towards the next generation of search technologies. Here are some key ideas which will help define tomorrow’s search:

  • Integration between Desktop and Internet Search

  • Better Visualisation and Navigation Tools

  • Real-time Search

  • Searchstreams Analysis

  • Multimedia Search

  • Mobile Devices

  • Local Search

  • Vertical Search

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