25 January, 2005

Indian IT industry has failed to realise the potential of domestic requirements -ZDNet:
Developing IT applications for the domestic market has always been a priority area for CMC Ltd. First as a public sector company, and now as part of the Tata group. Developing IT solutions for the local market contributes towards making India an IT-savvy nation. Unless the local Indian market is developed, India will remain a country with islands of IT excellence. The country's infrastructure, manufacturing, social and service sectors need new and innovative applications, argues Mr Ghosh, who retired as managing director and chief executive officer of CMC after a 25-year stint in the company. Excerpts from the interview:

  • Please specify the areas where local companies must focus on, to develop applications?
Development of applications in local language could be one area and IT-based education delivery could be another. What is being done to eradicate illiteracy? The Indian companies should apply themselves to create solutions related to mass applications of IT. It could be in the education segment or in the operation of transport system in metros and cities. We have to plan to develop new applications so that the quality of life of an ordinary Indian improves.
  • Do you think the IT industry has a long term plan for the local market?
The industry, as such, is not that concerned about the Indian market. Most companies, large as well as small, are using the domestic market as a prelude to prepare for the international market. I don't see any long-term plan for developing the local market.

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