27 January, 2005

New Markets(middle class) for Future Technologies -Rajesh Jain
As we look ahead to 2005, the rapidly converging areas of computing, communications and consumer electronics are creating an unprecedented set of opportunities – and threats. My belief – which has got reinforced over the past year – is that it will be the emerging markets like India will define future technologies in the. While the top 10% of these markets are just like their counterparts in developed markets (the “top of the pyramid”), there is a big chasm which separates the top from the middle.

It is this chasm which presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs and established companies. Entrepreneurs in India have a great opportunity. As India’s consumer class burgeons, there is an opportunity to not just provide solutions to them but also propagate these solutions to other emerging markets globally. India serves as a laboratory to try out innovations and a large, first market.

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