25 January, 2005

Google rolls out TV search prototype -ZDNet:
Google introduced late Monday a prototype of a service to search TV programming, an anticipated move to broaden its search franchise for broadcast. the service will scour programming from PBS, Fox News, C-SPAN, ABC, and the NBA, among others, making broadcasts searchable the same day.

People can search on a term such as 'Indonesian tsunami' to find the TV shows in which it was mentioned, a still image of the video and closed-captioning text of that particular segment of the program. For now, people will not be able to watch the video clip, nor will the Web pages contain the company's signature text advertising. But Google expects to add video playback down the road, after ironing out the complexities of broadcasting rights and business models with various content owners.

TV search is going to be a large advertising revenue driver in time but broadcasters are still wondering if the search engines could cannibalize the TV viewing itself.

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