16 November, 2011

How about eating ONLY RAW food!

Recently read this article in the Hindu on how one can live (and relish) only eating uncooked vegetarian food. Some excerpts

Myth 1: Eating raw food means living off salad. Only salad - False
Myth 2: If you're vegan, leave alone vegetarian, your choices of food at a restaurant wiggle down to two - False
Myth 3: You can't live an entire day off food that is uncooked - False

Meet Lisa Pitman and she'll bust these and many more myths for you. A certified raw chef from Canada, Lisa is on a new age crusade across India, Thailand, Bali, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii convincing people of the “The Healing Power of Plants” and converting them to “Eating Without Heating”. “It's a growing movement and Toronto alone has six raw food restaurants now,” says the petite Lisa, twinkle in the eye.

She starts her day with a smoothie made of kale (a variety of greens), banana, coconut milk, and oats (for texture). The snack she carries to work is either fruit or vegetables. “Lunch is a really big salad with greens, avocado, shredded beets, sauces, dry fruits and a pinch of sea salt.” She snacks in the evening on a raw energy bar she makes and dinner is a veggie wrap. And hold it…she loves dessert — frozen banana whipped in a blender to ice-creamy perfection and topped with berries. “I never ever crave fried food,” she declares, morphing into a goddess in my eyes.  

For 'uncooked receipes' check out Lisa's website www.veganculinarycrusade.com

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