16 December, 2004

Recess - The Hindu Business Line
1. Name the game from Traffic Games, launched on the 41st anniversary of a famous assassination on November 22, that has raised a controversy.
  • 'JFK Reloaded' that re-creaes Kennedy assassination.
2. In technical support lingo, what is 'PEBCAK'?
  • Problem Exisists between Chair and Keyborad.

3. World's lightest helicopter

Japanese electronics company Seiko Epson has developed the world's lightest helicopter "Micro Flying Robot II" - 85mm in ht, 136mm in diameter of rotors, and weighing only 8.6g. The flying robot is equipped with micro-actuators to drive rotors, a gyro-sensor to stabilise the machine, and a CMOS camera with blue-tooth unit to transmit images of circumstance.

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