16 December, 2004

What is PlanetLab -The Hindu Business Line
The Internet is so useful that it draws everybody - including crooks. Intel aims to make the Net smarter and more secure through its PlanteLab initiative. Internet pioneer Vint Cerf cheefully says today's Internet is primitive: "I think we're still in the Stone Age when it comes to serious networking." Making fundamental changes to something as popular - and as commercially important - as the Internet is not easy. For example, look at the slow adoption of IPv6. So instead of changing the basics, PlanetLab builds on top of them.

Some of the most useful PlanteLab services measure and monitor the Internet, looking for problems that range from local failures to virus attacks. It turns out that 60% of viruses and 'denial of service' attacks typically come from just 10 sources. and it is this kind of information that can make all the difference.

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