08 March, 2005

Do 1 or 2 things really well! -Dave Pollard:
The Idea: If you want to make a difference in this world, you need to know yourself, to perfect what you do well until you're brilliant at it, to focus your energies, and to show others courageously that nobody does it better.

Have the courage to assess what you're really good at (or if you're still young, work at something until you're really good at it. I mean brilliant. If there's more than two things you're not focused enough. Then work harder and practice longer until you're even better at those one or two things, world class, in a class by yourself.

That will mean not doing a lot of things that are fun, or interesting, or which you're merely competent at. That will mean not juggling, just going all out knowing that if you fail at these one or two things you're going to have to start over. Very scary, but absolutely necessary. It may even mean abandoning your writing and reading of online journals, which, if you're like me, takes just too much time out of the day (though a better pastime than television).

Please. Don't be like me. Do one or two things really well. The future of the world depends on it.

I would like to give the exact same advice to others, else you will end up like me -Jack of all, Master of none! -Rahul

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Anonymous said...

hey rahul..

i could nt hv agreed more on wht u n Mr.Dave Pollard said.. Do only one or 2 gud thngs..otherwise u need 2 redo it..

this is what brings confidence in me...especially when i think of JURY..;)