09 March, 2005

Intel outside, Patel inside!
"If the world's best engineers are produced in India or Singapore, that is where our companies will go," Barrett says ex-CEO of Intel. "This is the reality in the modern world. We locate facilities where we can find or import talent. Intel will go where it will find talent. But I worry for the United States and I worry for my grandchildren."

Which is why, already, India has become Intel's third largest stomping ground - after the United States, where it employs over 50,000 people, and Israel, where it has nearly 5000 - and is ramping up at speed. Intel's India head count has already crossed 2000, not counting the thousands who work in Intel facilities in 45 countries, a prevalence that had led to the insider joke "Intel Outside, Patel Inside."

Asian colleges now produce six times the number of engineering degrees produced in the US. For the first time, other nations are about to produce more patents per year than the US.

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