15 March, 2005

Poker Sites under Blogger Attack -Threadwatch.org:
In the last two weeks there has been a campaign amongst bloggers to googlebomb for the Online Poker Wiki page. Their stated goal is comment spam. Spammers normally leave comments in blogs which inturn increase their page rank. Spamming 'Online Poker' is one of this and this is called Comment Spam. So, bloggers are now taking revenge by linking 'Online Poker' to Wikipedia which explains the legality of online poker.

Google must not be happy about this. Making a Wiki #1 will not serve a user searching for online poker. If a Google user searches for online poker they probably want to play online poker. They do not want to read the history or legality of online poker. Spammers may not be liked but at least they understand this point. You want to give the searcher what they want so they will convert and generate money. In addition it will also publicize the fact that Google can be so easily manipulated (which is not good for stock prices). I wonder if Google will take any action or make any statement on this.

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