10 November, 2004

Firefox maps its next moves -Zdnet
Now that it has the Firefox 1.0 milestone under its belt, the Mozilla Foundation has identified three areas for future growth and development: Cell phone and small device browsing, desktop search integration, and OEM distribution.The first key initiative is Mozilla's Minimo project to create a stripped-down version of Firefox for use with cell phones, set-top boxes and other nondesktop computing devices. Minimo got a shot in the arm this year when Nokia invested in it.

Rumors have swirled about a possible collaboration between the open-source group and Google. Mozilla was in talks with OEMs to get Firefox placed on the desktops of new computers. As of now, all of Firefox's distribution comes through downloads--a major hurdle for widespread adoption--while IE comes pre-loaded on the vast majority of computers.
Mozilla & Google -partners, ah, that would be great! C'mon Microsoft, "innovate"! ;)

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