13 November, 2004

Rural Outsourcing -Myself

Forget Philippines and China as India's competitors for outsourcing business. Enter Rural outsourcing. Rural outsourcing basically refers to outsourcing to rural areas of America rather than outsourcing to foreign countries. Rural Sourcing, a start-up offers services such as application maintenance and Internet development for roughly 40 percent less than what other domestic tech outsourcers charge. They claim "Rural Sourcing's fees are about the same as the overall cost of using an Indian outsourcer if you consider factors such as communication costs, travel expenses and inconvenience." ...hmm, still Indian outsourcing reduces costs by 1/10th, and that is far greater than what they have on offer. I guess I am taking India's side coz I am an Indian. Perhaps. From an American point of view, patriotism can really drive this thing called rural-outsourcing, and why not. Apart from this I don't think it has any serious advantage over India.
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