18 November, 2004

IE, IE ko nah bolo, mangta hai kya - Firefox, toh bolo! -Myself

Heh, just another line of praise for the world's sexiest browser, inspired from the song Aaee aaee yo kil wo, mangta hai kya - woh bolo from Rangeela. Do you understand a word of what I am saying? No? Ok, so you have no idea what Firefox is. Heck, I guess you don't even know what a browser is! Doesn't matter. Even I didn't know when I wasn't a geek. Most do not know what a Browser is. It is the big blue "e" icon on which you click and access internet. Get it? No? Now? Good.
Now this big blue "e" icon is Internet Explorer browser which is a very insecure product, especially if you access bank, trading sites. Also, it's a soft target for virus, hackers, spywares, useless toolbars, hijackers etc. Bouncer gaya? Well, that was intentional :p. These are the things that one finds in almost every PC with net access. Sad. And it's found that more often than not, the user himself is responsible as s/he doesn't follow simple security practices like intalling firewall, antivirus software ....and use Internet Explorer - the big blue icon, incase you have forgotten! Oh, I think, I am diverting from the original topic. Better, if you too divert from my blog and download and install Firefox !

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Dear IE, I'm leaving you for good on zdnetindia.

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