18 November, 2004

Sun invites outside involvement with Java 6 -Zdnet:
Sun published very early versions of the source code of the Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) 6.0, due to release in first half of 2006. Sun has been wrestling with the open-source Java issue for years. Sun executives have in the past expressed reluctance to make Java open-source software. But now one part of Java is open source, and Sun pledged in June that the rest will follow suit, eventually. Sun lets others see the Java source code after agreeing to the Java Resource License, which Sun introduced in 2003 to encourage broader involvement.

To submit their own code, programmers will have to transfer copyright ownership to Sun, Hamilton said. The bigger barriers will be cultural, he predicted: outside programmers convincing Sun programmers that their code is up to snuff; and Sun programmers helping outside programmers learn the ropes of the Java code quality review processes.

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