10 November, 2004

Microsoft feels Mozilla's fire(fox) -InformationWeek
The Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox 1.0 browser was released today, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer marketing team is already, understandably, on the defensive. According to stats from WebSideStory, IE’s market share has slipped from just over 95% in the summer to slightly under 93% today. That’s not a lot, but you can see the trend, and it’s enough to make Microsoft nervous. A major upgrade to IE isn’t planned until 2006. One of Microsoft’s biggest challenges is that only 20% to 25% of the worldwide Windows customer base is using the most up-to-date version of IE. But if Firefox continues to eat Microsoft’s lunch, that plan could change. Says one Microsoft official, “We could always rethink our plans.”
Microsoft will never improvise unless they are forced to!

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