10 November, 2004

New file-sharing software -Bittorent- tears through the net -Economic Times
A file-sharing program called BitTorrent has become a behemoth, devouring more than a third of the internet’s bandwidth, and Hollywood’s copyright cops are taking notice. BitTorrent accounts for an astounding 35% of all the traffic on the internet — more than all other peer-to-peer programmes combined — and dwarfs mainstream traffic like web pages.

Rather than downloading the actual digital file that contains the show, instead you would download a small file (from websites like supernova.org) called a “torrent” onto your computer. When you open that file on your computer, BitTorrent searches for other users that have downloaded the same “torrent”. BitTorrent’s “file-swarming” software breaks the original digital file into fragments, then those fragments are shared between all of the users that have downloaded the “torrent”. Then the software stitches together those fragments into a single file that a users can view on their PC.

Sites like Slovenia-based Suprnova (suprnova.org) offer thousands of different torrents without storing the shows themselves. Suprnova is a treasure trove of movies, TV shows, and pirated games and software. Funded by advertising, it is run by a teen-age programmer who goes only by the name Sloncek. “They’re doing something flagrantly illegal, but getting away with it because they’re offshore,” said Mr Cohen. He is not eager to get into a battle about how his creation is used. “To me, it’s all bits,” he said.
"To me, it's all bits" ..lolz

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