25 April, 2005

Best Articles Published Since 2003-

2005: Year of the Balance of Power

Learn to Disconnect -Deepak Chopra

Capture Still Images from Media Player


Google playing Mind games

Your keyboard's clatter can reveal your e-mail's content!

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer: 'I'm going to f***ing kill Google'

Google Translator

Different types of Search Engines

The long tail of software

How to start a startup

Envisioning a leap frogged world

Ajax: A new approach to web applications

Militants planned attack on Indian software firms

Do 1 or 2 things really well

Bill Gates and other communists by Richard Stallman

Getting to the bottom of bullshit

The Typo Millionaires

Can this black box see into the future?

Interned at IBM, resigned from Microsoft, fired from Google

New markets (middle class) for future technologies

Larry Ellision on offshoring as a philanthropy

Spyware - IT's public enemy no.1

Your mobile phone too can be cloned

Porn business driving DVD technology

Sanskrit in your Sanganaka (Computer)

Game industry bigger than hollywood

Desktop search tools - A virus writer's best friend

To outsource or not to outsource

Hatching big plans

Wifi - Where's the money?

Mobile phone with a projector

Sun invities outside involvement with Java 6

Gates: World's most spammed person

Why bandwidth is costly in India?

Rural Outsourcing

P2P for cell-phones

Resistance is futile

India's broadband policy

.jpg, .png and now .doc !

IBM search engine will find video, audio on the net

Geek battles - A call for perspective

Tech specialist + business consultant rules

Data fountains

Double trouble - Virus writers + Spammers

Did your code ever make anyone deaf?

Internet 2: 2004 and beyond

Click fraud

Yahoo to Trillian: Talk to the hand

Cooool - Disc Tatto technology

The Penny black project by Microsoft to outsmart spam

Windows 2000 code posted on net

Radiation from montiors can be used for spying

A superb copy-protection technology

IE bug lets fake sites look real

Java v/s .Net : Battleground India

Hackers get novel defense - "The computer did it!"

Shift key breaks cd-copy locks

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